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Beautiful, cool August morning here in west Michigan.  The sun hadn’t yet evaporated the dew from the grasses at the park, so boots, jean hems, and the dog were soaked in short order.  Reds and golds of the approaching autumn are beginning to peek out from still-vibrant bushes and tree limbs.

Ground Suncross in Morning Light - VS

The central ring at Visionsong isn’t usually illuminated by direct sunlight due to the tree canopy, but morning sunlight reached from the space above the nearby pond to cover the altar space and the ground Sun Cross.  After the initial rounds were made, we quietly set off to our individual work…

Center Ring Altar - VS

Slow progress has been made in creating paths between the different areas of Visionsong; simply raking aside leaves and sticks and moving larger obstructive branches or logs to serve as path edging proved appreciable improvements.  One problem that’s been encountered is a flattened, old, rusted wire border fence that poses not only an inconvenience but also a safety concern.  Some time was taken today to bend the most potentially harmful edges towards the ground, but this is a temporary solution.  Hopefully soon the wire fence can be carefully rearranged and perhaps repurposed.

Tall Spiral Stone Stacking - VS

The search for rocks to use and the process of arranging the rocks with is a centering experience, opening awareness to the sounds and shapes all around. A few attempts have been made at stone stacking in places that felt appropriate using mostly stones found from the nearby dried up creek bed or found along the paths.

Considering Balance

Many of the larger trees in the area are rotting and have fallen.  Even some of the younger trees have many dead branches and fungi growing on them.  These things are normal in any forest, but it is suspected the chemical runoff from the nearby cornfields could be contributing to exacerbating the diminishing health of the trees.  Along this line of thought, I’ve been bringing stones such as Turquoise to aid in more direct communications with the land, particularly the trees, as to what small things could be done to help.  Lepidolite has been helpful in soothing the pain of trauma and bringing a sense of gentle peace, so this seemed like a good stone to work with in the Visionsong woods also.

Each day brings new experiences 🙂