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-One never quite knows where, when, or how an encounter with Awen will strongly encircle the awareness; I do my best in these instances to allow the encircling Awen to flow in.  This short poem fragment and its accompanying photo will hopefully enable me to share the moment with you.

Audience Under Spotlight

“Audience Under Spotlight/Burning Eye of The God” : at Pentwater, MI

~Riotous Dance of the Dying~

All together now, energy raised to a fever pitch.
The field an audience dancing
to the tune
of the wild autumn breeze,
faded heads and limbs
whipping in the waves
of the riotous Dying’s
ungainly ecstatic worship.

Author notes..
What I saw was something I certainly would not have expected to be poetically inspiring.. the long grasses of the highway median bobbing in the stiff November wind.  Immediately the image of wild concert goers rocking out to the sounds produced by the god-like beings on the stage came to my mind.  In the composition I tried to represent the atmosphere of a concert’s ecstasy of movement and expression, echoing the ecstasy I expressed in my previous post.  In spite of the lively imagery, I felt it was very important to convey the nuance of the movements as that of stiffening, dying grass in autumn.  With Halloween having only recently passed, the emphasis on death, dying, zombies etc., still sits prominently in my mind’s eye.  As with most of my poetic works, I feel that I failed to articulate the experience to the depth that I wished to convey it, but it is doubtful that I will ever be able to satisfy my inner creative critic.