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Bite of wintry wind
Heralds craftsman of tiny
Crystalline wonders

Author’s Notes…

Having lived in Michigan the majority of my life, it is easy for me to recognize the precise point at which the chill air on my cheeks is below freezing.  That instantaneous realization seemed the perfect moment to capture in this Weekly Writing Challenge by The Daily Post.  Snow has lightly dusted the ground here over the last week or so, and the consistently chill air has kept it from melting away.  Perhaps it will be a white Christmas this year?  Not sure I am entirely happy about having to don half my wardrobe to tolerate walking from class to class, but the quiet all around is soothing to my exam-frayed nerves in any case.  The heightened awareness of presence in and with Nature is one of the ways wintertime makes my soul sing.

Here are are some more amazing photos by Alexey Kljatov of snowflakes that partially prompted this haiku.

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