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Tug- upsy-daisy!
In friendly lap held snugly
Warm in wintertime

Author’s Notes…

Warmth is just one great reason to snuggle up as the weather turns colder; save energy, cuddle often.  Lovers, friends, and family ought to take the opportunities presented by the holiday season to get closer on all levels, in my not-so-humble opinion.  Closeness and affection seemed a great subject for my Wednesday haiku for the Weekly Writing Challenge from The Daily Post.  Please check out my previous haiku for the WWC at That Frozen Instant – Haiku Catchoo! and Slick Speed Game – Haiku Catchoo! (Round Two).  At the end of the first haiku post, I displayed links to other awesome haiku posts for this WWC 🙂

Because I cannot resist them, here are some more adorable cuddling animal pictures I found.