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I am very keen on reading this book after seeing this review. A big concern of mine when delving into resources about Druidry is the multitude of “fluffies”, and the author of the review gives this book a green light while sharing that concern.

Celtic Scholar's Reviews and Opinions

Author: Morgan Daimler

Publisher: Moon Books

Copyright: 2012

ISBN: 9781780999692


Where the Hawthorn Grows is a reflection on being an Irish reconstructionist Druid in America. It looks at who the Druids were and different aspects of Celtic folk belief from a reconstructionist viewpoint as well as discussing daily practice and practical modern applications.

Table of Contents [With my thoughts]:

Chapter One: Beliefs and Practices [A very short, informative discussion of what a Druid is to the author, who the Ancient Druids were, what is reconstructionism, ethics, and ritual structure, and these are just a few of the topics discussed in this chapter.  I’m glad the author talked about prayer, practice AND belief.  These are topics that are near and dear to me.]

Chapter Two: Gods and Spirits [This chapter was a pleasure to read.  The author’s views on deity were pretty much my own but I already knew…

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