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Balanced lightly there
On springy evergreen limb
Ornamental perch

Author’s Notes…

I have loved watching the birds at the feeders my dad keeps stocked with seed in the cold months ever since I can remember.  It is a habit now to notice birds on the ground, on the railings, in the sky, on the water, and in the trees.  Their delicate little bodies can look like ornaments in those brief moments when they are sitting still on a perch.  Perched on the bobbing limb of a pine tree, the birds did indeed appear like impromptu ornaments decorating the tree outside the sliding glass doors.

As a small aside, those who also like watching birds at feeders could make good use of this resource from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

This wraps up the 5-day Weekly Writing Challenge by The Daily Post haiku posts for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise in poem writing and blog writing; it helped me to condense distinct moments of each day into a form I wished to share.  A big THANK YOU to the editors at WordPress.com for featuring my Caring Strangers – Haiku Catchoo! (Quartus) on Freshly Pressed 😀  I was very surprised and honored.

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