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Cold Winter 1-3-14

It is Winter 2014 in the Northern Hemisphere, and here in Western Michigan it has been COLD.  The high temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit) for the past few days has stayed well below freezing, sometimes in or near to the single digit range, and with the wind chill it easily drops down towards the negatives.  The booming crack of the deck’s wood contracting and expanding last night due to the frigid air was startling, to put it mildly.

As forbidding as all that seems, I still, a little insanely perhaps, want to venture outside, to wander around in the snow and ice watching (and sometimes feeding) the winter birds.  Recognizing the mild insanity of an extended venture such as that, I content myself with watching the birds at the feeders from indoors.  The Juncos, House Sparrows, Blue Jays, Purple Finches, Black-capped Chickadees, Nuthatches, Cardinals, and Red-bellied and Downy Woodpeckers that have come to the feeders so far have been a delight to watch.  Maybe sometime soon I will invest in a camera and lens that would allow me to take better pictures of them to share, but for now I’ll simply find some excellent photos of Michigan winter birds to share that other people have taken.