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Perhaps we don’t need a bridge over the canyon. Perhaps we need to go into the canyon. Perhaps we need to go into our canyon, the canyon of our souls. Forget the canyon of the degeneration of christianity that is not Christianity. The only canyon that will affirm life and eliminate the hate of life is the canyon of the soul. Could we go back through the human–zoic ages of our own lives, from the make believe of childhood through the age of separation where we received and created the philosophers, the theologians, what? the karmic wounds that we all have? Dare we go back through these ages, not in a reliving of these ages, not in an unconscious remaining in these ages, but a journey through these to the floor of our own karmic canyon? We could follow the Bright Angel Trail through our souls back through these ages, onto the canyon floor of repentance, no, not that language – onto the canyon floor of transformation. Then, on the floor of the mighty canyon of our lives, could we, would we, dare we, look up to those now embarking on their Bright Angel Trail?