This Transition movement definitely speaks to the current needs of the times (economy, climate change, etc.) but also addresses the timeless need to have a ‘tribe’ and to have that tribe be adaptive as well as strong.

In addition to this post, this hour-long vid from YouTube gives a good overview of the potential for the Transition project.

Druid Life

Last night I went to a Transition Stroud showing of a film about the whole transition movement. It’s something I’ve been aware of for a while now, and intend to get more involved with. The gist of Transition is a movement towards community based resilience and sustainability. As individuals we can do quite a bit to be more viable, but by working with those around us a lot more can be achieved.

One of the things I’ve found in Druid communities is that being Green is easier when you’re not on your own. Sustaining an alternative lifestyle in face of a lot of people in love with rampant consumerism can be really hard going. When the people around you think that you are crazy, deluded, irrational, naive and all those other unhelpful labels, sticking to it is not easy. However, once upon a time recycling was considered pretty weird and…

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