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On a journey to what we call Wildhorn Rock, we came across a very pleasant surprise: sprawling patches of wildflowers! After so bleak a Winter and belated beginning to Spring, the discovery was a wondrous joy to behold.  Of course I could not resist taking pictures of them until my camera died.  The flowers identified include Cut-leaved Toothwort, Yellow Trout Lily, and Spring Beauty.  Spring Beauty has been over-harvested for its edible roots in most of Michigan, and the flowers pictured were among the few of a very small patch.  The Cut-leaved Toothwort flower abundance is particularly special because they blosom in the short time between the beginning of warmer temperatures in spring and the presentation of the tree’s leafy canopy; shade from the tree leaves causes the blooms to quickly fade.  The white anemone-looking flowers with the reddish stems have yet to be identified, so any assistance in identifying them would be much appreciated.  Although I did not spot any of the flowers, we found plants that appeared to be Mayapple.


This was our first visit back to Wildhorn Rock this year, and it ended up being quite eventful!  In addition to the discovery of the wildflowers, we all too briefly enjoyed a thrilling and refreshing thunder shower (well, not all of us.. the doggy does not like thunder one bit).

It has been a long time since I have had the combination of free time, willpower, and inspiration to write a blog post, and it is good to be back!  Lots and lots of material for future posts in the wings as well.