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Sun Over Deer Bone Gate


As Lughnasadh draws closer, we have been spending more time with the southwestern nemeton of Visionsong.  Something that always fills me with a sense of wonder is the shift in the energies of each nemeton of Dreamvine Circle as the Wheel of the Year progresses.  The visit we made today was particularly powerful for me for a few reasons, but the main reason was the way this nemeton’s energy has to me seemed to coalesce into a powerful and communicative consciousness in accordance with this time of the year.

Restacking of Visionsong StonesI sense this building consciousness primarily as a chorus of ‘voices’, voices mainly consisting of the surrounding trees and stones.  While most of the time the chorus is more of a subtle, blended hum of ‘sound’, today it was more like distinct voices speaking ‘languages’ I could not understand with the logical part of my mind.  As I stood ‘listening’ today in the center of the nemeton, I felt an insistent surge of.. I hardly know what to call it.  Feeling?  Inspiration?  I wanted to intone the Awen as a response to this surge of energy, but I am still rather self-conscious about using my voice as a mode of sacred expression.  Settling for using my mind’s voice, I ‘intoned’ cascading Awens, lending my ‘voice’ to the voices of the nemeton.  By the third Awen, it seemed like all the other voices had joined mine such that a chorus of Awens resounded through the woods and fields all around.  It briefly took my breath away.

I read a quote from Carolyn Myss recently that struck me in much the same way: All life breathes together.  It is times like those that I experience that reality firsthand, and I might never have come to these kinds of experiences without having come to a conscious practice of modern druidry.  As I am sure many have said before me, druidry has ‘always been’ my spiritual practice, I just did not know it by that name until recently. Very much looking forward to celebrating the beginning of the harvest season on Lughnasadh once again!

Stray Wheat in a Resown Field