2 thoughts on “Drooping Elderberry”

  1. that looks like poke not elderberry!! the things scare me one is poison one is not!

    • They are rather similar with small white flowers, red stems, and berries that ripen around the same time going from green to dark blue-purple. Some key differences though. Pokeberries are arranged on a more linear stalk (there’s a picture of them in the post), are larger than elderberries and have a flatter shape somewhat like that of a small pumpkin until fully ripe. Elderberries (as can be see in the above picture) are smaller, more oblong, and are arranged in a flattened spray like the flowers of Queen Anne’s Lace, even resembling Queen Anne’s Lace when blooming. While elderberries still shouldn’t be eaten raw (they’ll give most people a nasty tummy ache), pokeberry is most definitely more dangerous. I’m sure more differences could be puzzled out between their leaves and stem shapes and such, but I have not personally looked far into those differences as of yet.

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