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The Serpentine Mother and the Altar of Dreams (Birth of Heroes)

Serpentine Mother, beautiful and terrible
of breath and spirit, lantern-eyes brightening
patterns in sunlight and forest shadow –  she enters
the labyrinth and places sacred riddles,
scribbled flags in perfect order,
for you to find when you awake in the center,
on the altar of your dreams.

Her Spirit and Breath will never be far, but now,
a vessel of living or dying and her ancestral scream
unchains you –
Sight, sound, touch, and
SCREAM. Aahhh, the taste of

dappled shadow ground in the grove, a pattern of sunlight,
an unknown verse, the first of your great song,
resting on the deep lake of Mother, warm
with blood of forgotten riddles, cold
from long footsteps of journey, she dares you
to read those scribbled flags, she leaves you
on the altar of your new name.