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Sociable Butterfly

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Close-up photography is probably my favorite style; I have always been fascinated by seeing things that appear small to the naked eye shown up close and in great detail.  The floral works by American artist Georgia O’Keeffe (1887-1986) left a deep impression on my sense of aesthetics in this way I think.  Of course I could not resist this Weekly Photo Challenge by The Daily Post.

The butterfly in this photo, which I believe to be an Enodia creola, allowed me to get rather close, an unusual occurrence compared to my previous endeavors to photograph butterflies.  Totally unafraid, perhaps even determinedly, this butterfly repeatedly landed on shoulders and arms until I finally went to snag my camera.  Although I cannot get as close as I would like with my current lens, the level of detail in the photographs such as this that I can get is still satisfying.