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Reblogging Willowcrow’s wonderfully-worded post with an added strong suggestion to check out the film “Inhabit”, which is linked in the post. The hope-giving documentary shows a wide variety of people, places, and situations that permaculture design has be successfully applied, inspiring the empathetic viewer to explore what ways they too could apply permaculture design.

The Druid's Garden

Regenerating our lands for pollenators Regenerating our lands for pollinators

As a species, we are facing a number of challenges that can be overwhelming—from global climate change to failing ecosystems, to mass deforestation and substantial water stress. Many who care deeply about the earth, who see the earth as sacred, finds themselves in a state of perpetual mourning and apparent powerlessness when reading the headlines or seeing destruction firsthand. The sense of being overwhelmed can be stifling, limiting, leaving you unsure as to how to do anything but strongly wanting to do something. It can leave you feeling that nothing that you do is good enough and nothing that you do as an individual matters.

The environmental movement doesn’t really seem to provide a meaningful way response because its largely based on assumptions that mitigate damage rather than actively regenerate. Environmentalism teaches us how to be “less bad” and do “less harm” by changing from…

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