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Morning Sunlight Illuminates the Papery Pattern

Having bedroom windows that face East is a pleasure for me.  Despite being filtered by the pale papery blinds (which I was reminded of when viewing the Weekly Photo Challange: Grid post), the joy of receiving the morning sunlight streaming in is undimmed.  It was beautifully concordant to perform tree- and sun-focused meditations while seated facing these windows as the sun’s light slowly yet surely increased.

With the days growing shorter, it becomes easier and easier to wake up in time to observe the sunrise, especially since I currently do work that requires my attention very early most mornings.  This is the time of year when the lengths of day and night are nearly equal, the Autumn Equinox, and I associate this time of year with harvesting, both personal and agricultural.  It is important, following the gathering of crops, to prepare the field for winter and the next planting season, so taking a personal inventory makes sense to me.  I ponder the things I am grateful for, the things that I will need in the dark months to come, and the things I need to let go of in order to prepare for the darkness and the next cycle of growth.

Additionally, I am wrapping up my coursework for the OBOD Bardic Grade; working at harvesting the final fruits, inventorying them, and looking ahead to the next phase: the OBOD Ovate Grade.  It feels very important to me to properly set the stage for the coming shift in study, and this means for me lots of reflection, journaling, and ritual over the next few weeks.  Perhaps at some point I will share more about this whole process on the blog.