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Sumac Slowly Set Ablaze

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Change asked bloggers to find “change in progress”.  I’m going to be incredibly unoriginal and post this picture of the Greenworld’s transformation from Summer greens to Fall colors.

I took this photo after making a contemplative trek along a wooded trail to a huge and beloved cottonwood tree.  The blaze of reds from the sumac along the field’s edge completely captured my attention after being so immersed in the soothing greens of the late summer woods.  Sumac is really an irresistible photo subject for me though, in any season.  It is among the first and most flashy plants to change color here in Michigan’s Autumn array.  We are still early in the color season, so there is plenty of green yet surrounding the crimson changes in progress.


Here are some other Autumn-themed responses to the WPC that I enjoyed 🙂

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