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Before introducing some of the concepts of archetypal astrology, I would like to briefly announce The DruidEye – a partnership offering druidic and shamanic divination services and handcrafted ritual objects and divination tools. You can find us at our website druideye.com or at our shop at etsy.com/shop/TheDruidEye We have also started a new blog dedicated to the DruidEye… not much there yet, but some links to a couple of posts are below. Be sure to follow us there for updates…

The DruidEye

As an antidote to Balor’s poisonous eye of Irish mythology that killed anything he looked at, the DruidEye works to deeply honor and restore spiritual and mythic life. Rooted in the ancient Celtic mystery traditions, our work is a contemporary expression of shamanic Druidry that intends to form a doorway into a fuller life in harmony with the earth and with the world soul. Reestablishing a mythic worldview is an essential task as we move into a new era of human psychospiritual evolution. Our contemporary druidic work in the area of divination and the crafting of ritual tools aims to support this transition and provide a foundation for re-inhabiting authentic relationships to self, other, and world. All of our work is aimed at bringing about a new balance in a polarized world that falsely separates masculine and feminine, spirit and matter, humans and earth, and many other forms of perceived dualism. The overarching goal of our work is to help our customers come into better alignment with the will of their soul, their connection to the web of existence that is the anima mundi, known in the druidic tradition as the Oran Mor, The Great Song. We see this as a sacred dialogue, and we strive to provide a container for this dialogue. All of our work, whether readings or crafting of ritual tools, is done jointly. In this way the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine infuse all we do. This is the world soul in action, a balancing of energy, and the path to healing and soul retrieval and integration.

now, as promised… an introduction to archetypal astrology:

Archetypal Astrology

Here are some excerpts from the posts at the DruidEye blog:

signAs a depth psychological approach to astrology, archetypal astrology is both very similar to and very different from traditional astrology. Archetypal astrology considers the unconscious psyche, especially the collective unconscious, as a primary factor in astrological analysis. Archetypal astrology is not literally predictive, but archetypally and psychospiritually predictive.

An archetypal natal chart reading is a snapshot, so to speak, of a person’s initial archetypal and psychospiritual endowment. It isn’t only a snapshot though. It is the framework through which we engage life. Our development through further archetypal encounters in the world is informed and empowered by this initial endowment of psychospiritual attitudes. The archetypal natal chart reading is useful as a tool in better understanding oneself and, more importantly, in working with the dynamic archetypal encounters that continue throughout life.

The focus of archetypal astrology is on the archetypal qualities associated with the planets and their alignment, or aspect, to other planets. It is based on the new science view that psyche and matter are two parts of the same thing and are connected in a web of existence. This goes back to indigenous and shamanic worldviews and, more recently, to Jung’s research into the collective unconscious, the archetypes, and synchronicity. …

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The Planets, their Archetypal Qualities, and Aspects

As described above, archetypal astrology is concerned mostly with the alignments, or aspects, of the planets and the resultant relationship between their archetypal qualities. Here is a brief summary of the planetary archetypal qualities, followed by a more detailed description:

  • Sun: the archetypal hero. The sense of “I”
  • Moon: Mother. Intuitive, receptive and nurturing
  • Mercury: Messenger. Rational mind, logos
  • Venus: Aphrodite. Love, beauty
  • Mars: Warrior. Assertion, aggressiveness, courage
  • Jupiter: Growth, abundance, excess
  • Saturn: Senex. Old, responsibility, burden, laws, judgment
  • Neptune: The archetype of the oceanic spirit
  • Uranus. Trickster. Puer. Counter culture, rebellious
  • Pluto. Hades. Underworld, instinctual drives, death/rebirth
  • Chiron: Wounded healer. Vocation

Below is a more detailed description of the qualities associated with the planets as offered by Richard Tarnas. …

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The Planetary Aspects

Determining the relationship between the planets is done by calculating the distance in the chart from one planet to the next. These are usually calculated automatically by programs (such as the one online at astro.com). The most significant relationships are called “hard” (conjunction, opposition, square). These are the relationships where the effect of the one planet (the interplay of the archetypal qualities of that planet) on the other is most noticeable. The other “soft” aspects are trine and sextile. There are more, but these are the most significant ones, and the ones typically used in reading the chart.
There is an inherent numerical order to the universe, and the nature of the planetary aspects is calculated based on this. Specifically, the Pythagorean meanings of the numbers 1 through 4 and 6 are used, where 1 is used for unity, applied to the conjunction, 2 for dualism and polarity of opposition, 3 (and 6) for the equilibrium and balance of the trine (and sextile), and 4 for the double polarity of the square. …

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