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The coming week will be amazing!

eadhadh The Eadhadh/Poplar (Aspen) Ogham few

Considering the Yule season and that the winter solstice (known in the Druidic tradition as Alban Arthan) occurs this week, Eadhadh is a most fitting and auspicious few to have drawn…

20151218_180457asAs the first of what I will attempt to make a weekly post, I drew for the first time from the new set of ogham staves that I have been working on. The wood for these hand-carved oak staves was naturally harvested in the grove where we celebrate the summer solstice ritual. It seems fitting to use them for the first time in the week in which the winter solstice will be celebrated; the process of harvesting and creating these staves was a long process that is now emerging within the movement of the earth as a dialogue between the solstices.

In the tension between these two opposites…

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