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Abundant Harvest of Wild Grape

Abundant Harvest of Wild Grape – click to view larger

Trees bent down to eye level by the weight of Wild Grape vines heavy in their abundance at the nearby park we love displayed the Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less) to me.

On our first few ventures to the nemetons there, we could not fail to see the thick vines in each location.  We did not know exactly what it was at the time, so we called it the dreamvine.  The main reason for this was due to the dreamlike state of mind brought forth by approaching one of the larger specimens at the Visionsong nemeton.  After doing some research much later, Wild Grape was found to be the plant’s better known identity.  This made sense given the grape’s association with the dreamlike and ecstatic state of drunkenness, especially in reference to the god Dionysus.  Dreamvine Circle then became the title for the complex formed by all of these sacred groves.  In all the seasons, the dreamvine is beautiful and powerful, but never more obviously than in the late summer.