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Temenos Chalk Mandala

Temenos Chalk Mandala / Art by Rich Francisco : Photo by Alainafae – click to view larger

For The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant, I chose this picture of the riotously colorful chalk mandala that the Temenos Center’s Artist-in-Residence, Rich Francisco (See his other work on his facebook page or his website), drew for our Open House on Sunday, January 24th.  We requested that he model this work after a mandala in The Red Book by Carl Jung (shown below), and he did a fantastic job in no time at all, of course.

“Mandala” is a Sanskrit word literally meaning “circle”.  The center of the mandala is where, in religious or political art, the deity or important figure resides, and the elaborate patterns unfurling from the center comprise the abode.  In depth psychology, the sacred center of the psyche is occupied by the archetype of wholeness, the archetype of the Self.  Through maintaining this position of centrality within the mandala of the psyche, we can integrate its multidimensional and polyvalent fragments into a balanced whole; Jung referred to this process as individuation, the psyche of an individual becoming psycho-spiritually mature and distinct from its surrounding culture.

The Greek word “temenos” refers to any piece of land marked off as important and not to be used for common purposes, such as a king’s land or the land surrounding a sacred temple, and Carl Jung expanded that definition to a place set apart from ordinary life where people can feel safe in expressing their true selves.  This is precisely why we chose “Temenos” as the name of the space we are newly renting for Jungian and Archetypal studies as well as using the mandala as its symbolic representation; Temenos Center is intended to provide a community space that fosters each person’s individuation through workshops, series, personal depth psychology consultation, and an in-house resource library on everything archetypal.  It is exhilarating, and also terrifying, to embark on this journey.

Temenos Open House: Birthing of a Sacred Center