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There is so, so much information to process in this modern technological age, and a lot of it is very expertly and subtly spoon-fed to us through advertising. Expanding on and playing with the imaginal experience of that information, the texture of the information being spoon-fed is suitably mushy and formless, easy for whatever hapless, infantile minds witnessing it to ingest. The spoon itself is a soft, synthetic, brightly-colored material, crafted precisely for maximum comfort and enjoyment, distracting from the unappetizing goop it conveys. This is what we have generally become accustomed to; if it’s not in bullet points, 30-second sound bites, a 5-minute video, numbered steps, or less than 120 characters, the experience becomes a challenge, an exercise even, requiring an effort that many choose to take a pass on.

Today, though, I experienced something very different. While watching a YouTube video by a fellow druid, my conscious mind suddenly was able to connect what had previously been two seemingly unrelated pieces of information in a way that momentarily ‘blew my mind’, as it were. Some refer to these as “Ah-ha!” moments. But it’s one thing to know on an intellectual level what an “Ah-ha!” moment consists of, and it’s another thing entirely to experience it, embodied and in the moment.

Time seemed to slow down, my inner focus sharp. The image of that “Ah-ha!” in my mind’s eye shifted from moment to moment: a droplet of rainwater rolled off an oak leaf to land on the warm skin between my shoulder blades; a perfect marble of clear crystal fell from a slender shoot into my cupped hands; a drip coalesced on a sea cave’s stalactite and splashed into a still pool; a ripe hazel nut separated from its parent branch and dropped into the waiting mouth of a salmon in a wellspring. I recognized this last image from Celtic mythology very well, and from that image I knew that my experience of receiving wisdom had been shared by human psyches into ancient times, a definitively and unequivocally archetypal experience.

Wisdom manifesting and integrating consciously into one’s psyche has a totally distinct feeling tone from the everyday blathering and platitudes that make up most of today’s information age. Rather than feeling like a desperate and confused soul that’s been conned, I feel like I received a precious and two-fold gift. It was a gift not only of a piece of wisdom itself but also insight into the capacity to distinguish between mere information and true wisdom. I hope that sharing my experience, like the ancient Celts did through sharing their salmon story, will help bring others to that wondrous place within themselves.