About aVR

IMG_1163sThere is an inherent aesthetic and spiritual way of being and knowing that emerges from the awareness that humanity and nature are one. This is a vital recognition of what it means to be truly human and the key to engaging that being on a deeper level.

Rooted in spiritual and indigenous tradition, philosophy, mythology, depth psychology, art, literature, and contemplative practice, this blog is a collection of personal experiences, musings, and reflections on the fullness of the ecology of the world.

Through a meeting of minds and a blending of spirit of the authors, A Vital Recognition is a joint blog exploring this vital recognition of human-nature reciprocity. Joint but independent, the site will emerge organically out of the insights and experiences of the contributors. It will likely cover many topics and present diverse though similar ideas and viewpoints. The undercurrent and overarching theme always remains the mythic and spiritual celebration of a possible evolution in our relationship with Self and with nature. Whether speaking of the Home space, the Nature space, or the Otherworld space, discourse on the sacred is to be the driving focus in all of The Vital Recognition’s publications.

About the Authors


The tale of this creature’s vital recognition began very early in her current lifetime. She carefully listened to the trees; joyfully celebrated the ever-cycling seasons; and lovingly respected all the peoples be they dark-skinned, light-skinned, furred, feathered, or scaled. As with many human children of this era, the white noise of the Ego’s speech reduced her awareness of the Òran Mór. After many years sleeping, she’s come again into an awareness, a recognition, of the vital exchange between self and environment.

To the poet, to the philosopher, to the saint, all things are friendly and sacred, all events profitable, all days holy, all men divine.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Cliareach Filleadh Filleadh

Rebelling against the forgetfulness and addiction of the redemption and industrial ages, filleadh has for several years been ushering into his life a new ecological vision through an intentional engagement of soul. The emergent imperative of this process is the vital recognition and tending of the unconscious landscapes of Self, spirit, and natural world as an inherent unity. It is by engaging his own individuation process that filleadh hopes to participate in a collective transformation into Ecologically sound ways of being.

Whether it is our own psyche or the psyche of the universe we don’t know, but if one touches the earth, one cannot avoid the spirit.

C.G. Jung

19 thoughts on “About aVR”

  1. Hi! I came across your site when I was looking for interesting information and sites related to the piece I wrote this morning on the Lia Fail. I love what you’re doing here – it’s the perfect combination of nature, mythology, ecology, the environment. I thought I would, therefore, nominate you for a Liebster Award. Here is the nomination: http://silverleafjournal.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=351&action=edit
    I look forward to reading through the rest of your posts!

    • Cliareach Filleadh said:

      Hi Silverleaf, thanks for stopping by and for the nomination (though I can’t get to that link…) I’m so glad you found something useful for your work. I look forward to reading your post on the Lia Fail. I’m trying to remember if I visited the stone the last time I was on Tara. I mostly just remember being very firmly directed to the trees to the west…

  2. Thanks for stopping by today. I’ve been enjoying your blog as well. You have a beautiful writing style. :

  3. Hi Alaina, You have a very interesting concept here. Thanks so much for following my blog. Glad to have you on board. Best wishes, Zainab

  4. What a beautiful place you come from. I look very forward to following your word trail!

  5. A very interesting blog! Thanks for following mine. While you are at it, pls check http://www.acuriousarmywife.wordpress.com, where I write about life as an Army wife in India. Cheers!

  6. A well made blog! .. It’s fun going through through the pics 🙂

  7. Thank you for stopping by my site and liking my posts. You have a beautiful site. I enjoyed looking at the photography very much. Absolutely beautiful.

  8. I have nominated you for the Inner Peace Award. You can view the post at http://khanasweb.com/2014/01/22/inner-peace-award/
    Please feel free to decline if you don’t do awards, otherwise I will look forward to your post 🙂

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