Our Ecoregion

A page dedicated to the account of and research into the local ecosystem’s biodiversity and land use as it relates to vital recognition.


About the this ecoregion
-supplied by the Lower Grand River Watershed (with many subsystems)
-largely hardwood forest with savanna and mixed conifer/hardwood forest with barrens for a few centuries before major settlement in the 1800’s

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (commonly referred to as the EPA) has a more detailed breakdown of North American ecoregion information, and Plantmaps has interactive ecoregions maps available for exploration that are worth looking over.  Grand Valley State University also has many resources relating to the history of the watershed ecoregions as well as information on modern topics/issues.  Locations for A Vital Recognition are based largely in the Southern Michigan/Northern Indiana ecoregion characterized as Drift Plains.  While appearing very plain, City-Data holds very readable summaries regarding loads of information about the area of interest.

Bordered by Lake Michigan on the west, this ecoregion is less agricultural than those (54, 55) to the south, it is better drained and contains more lakes than the flat agricultural lake plain (57) to the east, and its soils are not as nutrient poor as Ecoregion 50 to the north. The region is characterized by many lakes and marshes as well as an assortment of landforms, soil types, soil textures, and land uses. Broad till plains with thick and complex deposits of drift, paleobeach ridges, relict dunes, morainal hills, kames, drumlins, meltwater channels, and kettles occur. Oak-hickory forests, northern swamp forests, and beech forests were typical. Feed grain, soybean, and livestock farming as well as woodlots, quarries, recreational development, and urban-industrial areas are now common.

-from Native Seed Network

PWP Overview

Animals ——|||—— Plants

Use the links above to view lists of animals and plants that have been personally seen and identified by one or both of the authors for A Vital Recognition.

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