Having discovered, named, and worked with the Serpent’s Egg nemeton for a few weeks, it was suggested that there may possibly be nemetons at the other cross-quarter directions of the overall wheel centered at the bridge.  The first attempts at exploring the southwestern corner were unsuccessful due to the fact that heavy flooding and rampant mosquitoes made that section of the park rather inhospitable for a time.  Even so, we spoke frequently on the qualities of the southwest cross-quarter, the combination of song and vision, when the topic arose.

As summer warmed and dried the ground, tentative explorations were made into the wooded area that is the southwestern corner of the park.  It did not take long to find a portal that fed into what definitely felt like a nemeton.

Portal - VS

VS Center

Unlike Serpent’s Egg with its “shell” of apple trees, this area was much less contained, had a more sprawling quality to its energy.

The naming of Visionsong occurred during the celebration of Lughnasadh, the First of the Harvests day, in a sudden burst of recognition.  It seemed almost embarrassingly obvious how well the name suited a nemeton located at the southwestern cross-quarter holding the qualities of both the west, vision, and the south, song (according to the Irish spirit wheel – see the myth The Settling of the Manor of Tara, or The Celtic Way of Seeing by Frank MacEowen).  Here are a few images from that celebration..

Meditation Stone - VS

Beyond the initial ring, there are two areas of interest to the south.  The first to be encountered is this fairly large stone that exudes a grounding, meditative presence.  The stone resting atop was added later to potentially be the beginnings of a stacked-stone cairn, inspired by the article linked.

Dreamvine 1 - VS

The second area of interest south of the central ring is what we have called the Dreamvine.  This wild grape vine‘s twisting extensions draw the viewer into an otherworldly sense of awareness, so the name Dreamvine was given to it.  The name seemed appropriate once we had ascertained the identity of the vine with reference to the mythological character of Dionysus, Roman god of grape harvest and ritualized madness.  Any extensive growths of wild grape vines we encounter we tend to call dreamvines.

To the east of the central area is a tight ring of trees, an outer ring of older trees and an inner ring of much younger trees.  No name for this space as of yet.

Bearclaw Rings - VSUphill and west of the first ring is a clearing we’ve been calling Bearclaw in reference to a shamanic journey by Cliareach.  In the spirit of the sand paintings by Buddhist monks, the rings Cliareach drew into the dirt were a spontaneous creative expression following contemplative engagement with the space.  In each of the nemetons of Dreamvine Circle, a space in the western portion of the nemeton has exhibited womb-like, void-type energy, especially around the time of the New Moon, and Bearclaw is the womb-like area for Visionsong.


Other Visionsong photos..

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