Serpent’s Egg

Serpent’s Egg nemeton was discovered after many visits to the park in April of 2013.  The recently-passed winter made access easier, lacking summer thorns and grasses.  With one tree positioned harmoniously at each cardinal direction, the arrangement of old apple trees held an energy, a presence, that warranted many return visits.

A name choice for the apple grove was pondered for several days, maintaining an openness to guidance from synchronicity.  Though personal encounters with wild snakes in Michigan had only happened once before, during visits to this park and other parks in the surrounding areas young garter snakes were sighted almost daily at variable times of day, including the grasses immediately outside the entrance to this apple grove.  Given the emphasis of snake medicine on the Mayan 2012 legends and ceremonies (plus 2013 being Year of the Water Snake in Chinese astrology), this felt very synchronistic.  The other series of events that contributed to finalizing the decision on the name Serpent’s Egg for this nemeton was the repeated appearance of empty robin’s eggs found largely intact in the center of walkways at the park.

Following the decision for the name, some digging was done on references to “Serpent’s Eggs”.  This helpful page further sealed the deal on the chosen name.

Viewing the location from satellite on Google Maps, even the shape seemed reminiscent of an egg.

Serpent's Egg Close-Up Map

For the moment a simple stone altar and a Sun Cross are all that adorns the nemeton.  The paths into the nemeton and between the trees are a work in progress.

Stone Altar Beginnings - SESun Cross - SE

Paths - SE

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