Spring Training of the Fruit Tree – Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-Season


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Springtime Autumn Olive

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Near a small, untended apple orchard, there are a few thriving Autumn Olive trees. This was approximately a month ago, just before the pale yellow flowers had started to open. These trees are named for their very small, edible, olive-shaped fruits that begin to appear in Autumn, and both the leaves and the fruits of the Autumn Olive trees are silvery-scaled, having a distinctive texture, shown below.  I chose this springtime photo of the Autumn Olive for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-Season.

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Red Eagle’s Talons – Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid


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Red Eagle's Talons

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The vivid color of the Eastern Red Columbine flower immediately caught my eye as I walked down a familiar forest path.  I had never seen this beautiful flower before and feel blessed to have made its acquaintance.  Aquilegia, the flower’s genus name (Aquilegia canadensis), refers to the red petals that resemble the shape of an eagle’s talons.  It seemed a most fitting choice for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid from The Daily Post.


Clutching the Sun – Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped


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Clutching the Sun

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Riding in the car on the way back from a wonderful time in a nearby nature preserve, a cloud formation caught my eye.  As I continued to observe the overall shape, a definite impression of a god-like cloud hand enveloping the afternoon sun became more and more obvious to me, so this photo seemed like the best choice for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post.

Twirling Oak Wreath – Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion


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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Motion.”

Twirling Oak Wreath - Summer Solstice 2014

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This photo was taken on the last Summer Solstice, the height of the year for the Oak King in the Oak King and the Holly King story.  Although the dim light of the cloudy day and tree canopy prevented a crisp still shot of the gently twirling oak wreath, made of freshly fallen oak branches, the motion in the image was still interesting.

A Floating Salute – Weekly Photo Challenge


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Double Floating Salute

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While ducks floating on water is not exactly an original choice for representing “afloat” in The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, I found this particular shot interesting because the duck pair were in almost the exact same position when I snapped the photo.


Feeling Stranded in Family History


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As genealogical histories go, the records of the modern day Netherlands, in most cases, do not go back very far; most records get jumbled and lost beyond the 16th century.  Because of this, I feel more or less stranded in my family history.   Continue reading

Quiet Candlelight and Other Ephemeral Things


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I had just finished reading the Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral when I looked up and noticed a candle on the anima/animus altar that had been lit earlier this afternoon was still burning.  As I stood up and moved closer, I thought about how the shape of the unmelted outsides and the molten insides surrounding the wick were very ephemeral.  If I let the candle burn longer, the overall shape of the candle would continue to change, and blowing the candle out would allow the molten wax to cool thus losing the reflection of the tiny flame.  Each of the key elements of the photo had to remain as they were in that moment to have this image, fitting very closely to the idea of ephemeral as The Daily Post described it.

Ephemeral Flame

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Will probably be posting more photos under this Weekly Photo Challenge theme over the course of the next week.



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