Chalk Mandala – Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant


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Temenos Chalk Mandala

Temenos Chalk Mandala / Art by Rich Francisco : Photo by Alainafae – click to view larger

For The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant, I chose this picture of the riotously colorful chalk mandala that the Temenos Center’s Artist-in-Residence, Rich Francisco (See his other work on his facebook page or his website), drew for our Open House on Sunday Continue reading

Tentative Growth – Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimism


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Tentative Growth of Box Alder in Spring

Tentative Growth of Box Alder in Spring – click to view larger

Prompted by The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimism, I chose this picture from last April of delicate new leaves on young Box Alder trees that had been hacked down the previous summer.  It is truly astonishing how fast Box Alder Maple can grow in spite of poor conditions or trauma, and this trait of the Box Alder Maple makes me optimistic about prevailing in my own endeavors.  While the leaves are brand new and very vulnerable, it shows the optimism of Spring for the coming Summer.



Abundant Harvest – Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)


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Abundant Harvest of Wild Grape

Abundant Harvest of Wild Grape – click to view larger

Trees bent down to eye level by the weight of Wild Grape vines heavy in their abundance at the nearby park we love displayed the Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less) to me.

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Shining Circle – Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle


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Summer Solstice Sparkler Drawing

Shining Circle – click to view larger

The first image that came to mind when I saw the Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle was this picture from the Summer Solstice of 2014.  Using sparklers, found ubiquitously at big box stores around that time of year here in the States, and very low shutter speeds, we drew (after many, many, many attempts) a circle of light containing the Awen symbol.


Warmth, Darkness, and Family – Weekly Photo Challenge: Now


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Family, Lights in the Darkness

Family, Lights in the Darkness – click to view larger

In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Now, I reflect on how I am thankful for the family that are still with me today.

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Ogham Journey of the Week: Eadhadh/Poplar


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The DruidEye

The coming week will be amazing!

eadhadh The Eadhadh/Poplar (Aspen) Ogham few

Considering the Yule season and that the winter solstice (known in the Druidic tradition as Alban Arthan) occurs this week, Eadhadh is a most fitting and auspicious few to have drawn…

20151218_180457asAs the first of what I will attempt to make a weekly post, I drew for the first time from the new set of ogham staves that I have been working on. The wood for these hand-carved oak staves was naturally harvested in the grove where we celebrate the summer solstice ritual. It seems fitting to use them for the first time in the week in which the winter solstice will be celebrated; the process of harvesting and creating these staves was a long process that is now emerging within the movement of the earth as a dialogue between the solstices.

In the tension between these two opposites…

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Errant Tongue – Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops!


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Errant Tongue

Errant Tongue – click to view larger

Working Pose

Working Pose – click to view larger

As most people that have encountered a Border Collie know, these are working dogs, and they are very focused on the task at hand when they’re in “working mode”.  While Cliareach Filleadh held the ever-important Frisbee to focus her attention, I attempted to to get a decent shot of her working pose, straight body line with ears perked and one paw poised.  There are, of course, always some small movements that live subjects make like blinking and fidgeting, and active breeds like the Border Collie are especially guilty, even in a working pose.  And so resulted the top photo of her sneaky little licker, perfectly capturing “oops” for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops! by the Daily Post.


Archetypal Astrology and the DruidEye


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Before introducing some of the concepts of archetypal astrology, I would like to briefly announce The DruidEye – a partnership offering druidic and shamanic divination services and handcrafted ritual objects and divination tools. You can find us at our website or at our shop at We have also started a new blog dedicated to the DruidEye… not much there yet, but some links to a couple of posts are below. Be sure to follow us there for updates…

The DruidEye

As an antidote to Balor’s poisonous eye of Irish mythology that killed anything he looked at, the DruidEye works to deeply honor and restore spiritual and mythic life. Rooted in the ancient Celtic mystery traditions, our work is a contemporary expression of shamanic Druidry that intends to form a doorway into a fuller life in harmony with the earth and with the world soul. Reestablishing a mythic worldview is an essential task as we move into a new era of human psychospiritual evolution. Our contemporary druidic work in the area of divination and the crafting of ritual tools aims to support this transition and provide a foundation for re-inhabiting authentic relationships to self, other, and world. All of our work is aimed at bringing about a new balance in a polarized world that falsely separates masculine and feminine, spirit and matter, humans and earth, and many other forms of perceived dualism. The overarching goal of our work is to help our customers come into better alignment with the will of their soul, their connection to the web of existence that is the anima mundi, known in the druidic tradition as the Oran Mor, The Great Song. We see this as a sacred dialogue, and we strive to provide a container for this dialogue. All of our work, whether readings or crafting of ritual tools, is done jointly. In this way the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine infuse all we do. This is the world soul in action, a balancing of energy, and the path to healing and soul retrieval and integration.

now, as promised… an introduction to archetypal astrology:

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Unexpected Relief


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Blanketed Needle Bundles - click to view larger

Blanketed Needle Bundles – click to view larger

After the previous two winters being particularly nasty, with record amounts of snow and record cold temperatures, there was an intensified feeling of dread over this area of Michigan about the snow that arrived last night and is continuing through today.   Continue reading

Springtime Offerings – Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio


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Springtime Offerings

Springtime Offerings – click to view larger

For honoring the Spring Equinox, we painted eggs and, after drawing an Ogham few, wrote our Ogham letter onto our offering egg as a way of bringing the gifts of that Ogham out into the greening world.

Post prompted by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio by The Daily Post.


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