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Bridge Into the Forest

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After spending the majority of our time outdoors at a beloved nearby park for the last couple years, unfortunate circumstances necessitated exploration of different territories for outdoor enjoyment.  The ever-helpful Google assisted us in locating a nearby nature preserve that looked to have some promise, so off we went.  Upon arrival, the bridge pictured above was the first landmark encountered on our way in to the nature preserve, so this picture made the most sense to me for the “On the Way” theme of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge on The Daily Post.  Enchanted is definitely a word I would use to describe the few experiences there; such beautiful, thriving diversity!  I saw and heard many plants, birds, and insects I easily recognized and others I had never before encountered, the wonderment of watching dandelion seeds float through the shafts of sunlight around me and taking it all in almost overwhelming.  It is amazing how something so wonderful can be so close by yet remain unknown!